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C. Bastasin, M. Messori, G. Toniolo: The Italian Public Debt - A Proposal

January 18, 2018 - This policy brief contains a proposal by Carlo Bastasin, Marcello Messori, and Gianni Toniolo to address the problem of high Italian public debt and reform the institutions that regulate the European economy. The high level of national public debt in Italy represents an impediment to the Italian economy and an element of risk for the financial stability of its markets and the euro area as a whole. This fiscal fragility also prevents Italy from playing a more active role in the determination of the new European fiscal rules currently being debated. Given the current positive economic climate and growth, it is important that efforts on lowering the public debt in Italy are undertaken as soon as possible.

Find the full Policy Brief by clicking HERE or download the PDF below. 

English_Debt proposal.pdf283.76 KB
Italiano_Debt Proposal.pdf296.35 KB