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Master's Program

The LUISS School of European Political Economy offers five graduate degree programs, two in Italian and three in English. One of them is a Master in Cybersecurity organized jointly with the LUISS School of Government, the LUISS School of Law and the LUISS Business School

Master in European Economic Governance (MEEG)

The LUISS School of European Political Economy began offering a Master in European Economic Governance (MEEG) in September 2014 with the aim to provide economists and other social scientists with in-depth knowledge of European institutions. The program concentrates on the manner in which key institutions function, on related microeconomic and macroeconomic policies, and on the regulatory aspects of the EU and the EMU. Its unique focus qualifies its graduates for a range of jobs in public administration, related vocations at Brussels-based European institutions, and private firms operating in Europe.

Master in Scienze Comportamentali e Amministrazioni (SCA)

The one-year Master in Scienze Comportamentali e Amministrazioni (SCA) was launched in March 2015. It aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for management-level jobs in Italian public administration. Better-trained personnel could help improve the national administrative system, eventually leading to more efficient and work-effective systems comparable to other European states.

Master in Economia, Finanza e Governance degli Investitori Istituzionali (EFGII)

The one-year Master in Economia, Finanza e Governance degli Investitori Istituzionali (EFGII) aims to create experts in social and welfare investment. The technical and analytical competencies acquired through the program will help form professionals adept at working within national and European institutions, or interlocutors serving as a link between national entities and European institutions. The program’s graduates will be able to contribute to the improvement of institutional investments at the local, national, and international levels. 

Master of Science in Finance (MOSFI)

The Master of Science in Finance (MOSFI) is a one-year program held entirely in English that provides rigorous training in finance. Upon the program's successful completion, students will have access to top retail and investment banks, asset management companies, and other financial institutions. MOSFI has established agreements with several financial institutions to guarantee internships and job opportunities for the most outstanding students.

Master in Cybersecurity

The Master in Cybersecurity is a one-year program taught in Italian. It stems from the collaboration of LUISS' four schools and provides students with advanced knowledge of the topic, thanks to a multidisciplinary, international faculty and an innovative didactic approach.