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Master in Taxation and Finance of the Digital Economy (MEde)

The Master in Taxation and Finance of the Digital Economy (MEde) aims to create experts in a field of crucial relevancy—the development of the digital economy, specifically in the European and international contexts, concentrating on taxation, finance and market structures of digital businesses. Our graduates will be capable of working in a complex frontier characterized by specific taxation, financial, judicial and competition issues. In particular, besides acquiring a basic understanding of the new ways of producing and distributing services specifically to digital enterprises, MEde graduates will have access to innovative tools that are ideal for confronting three new business areas:

  • the problems surrounding the identification, geographic or otherwise, of the sources of net proceeds, as well as the allocation and control of connected financial flows;
  • the issues related to taxation systems and their adaptation to increasingly mobile and digital business activities; and
  • the constantly changing definitions of “relevant market” and “state aid,” as well as the related radical transformations in the economic and legal principles governing competition, along with their increasing connection to fiscal problems.

Each of these three areas transcends national borders and has, as a baseline, the European and international markets. The program, therefore, is focused on creating professionals capable of working with the European institutions dedicated to the protection of competition and those overseeing the related taxation and fiscal policies, as well as with the national entities of the EU member states tackling the abovementioned problems at European levels, major organizations with a European or international presence focused on the field of digital economy, taxation and finances, and relevant departments of businesses operating in the web economy. Our graduates’ technical and analytical competencies together create the ideal professional for employment at European institutions or professionals seeking to position themselves as interlocutors between national economic entities and European institutions. 

After one year, MEde students will earn an international master's degree (Master di II livello) in Economics.

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