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image-04/06/2017 - 11:34“I am pleased to have participated in the second edition of the Master’s in European Economic Governance. I strongly recommend this course to all students and young professionals who want to improve their knowledge of European Institutions and to all those who want to know more about the functioning of the European System. The courses and seminars will give you deep insight into the European framework, both from a political and economic point of view. The professionalism of the SEP staff and the experience of the faculty will greatly enhance your understanding of all the major actors of the various European institutions. The final internship and the opportunity to apply for the Master's Module in European Policy Studies (MMEPS) at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) based in Brussels represents an added value to this Master’s Course. Through MEEG, I had the opportunity to do a three-month internship at the Italian Banking Insurance and Finance Federation, where I also had the chance to improve my knowledge of the European Banking System and to ascertain the importance of building a strong network with all the European actors.”

~ Paolo Conte ~ MEEG 2015/2016   

image-07/20/2015 - 16:38"To participate in MEEG was an extraordinary experience for me. I think that one of the major advantages of this program is the very high standing of its professors. Through a deep analysis of economic, financial, and regulatory issues, we tackled subjects of great importance and confronted all the most topical issues in Europe. The lessons are managed well, and students are always encouraged to actively interact among themselves and with the faculty. We also took on the challenge of writing papers and doing presentations, acquiring skills that could be invaluable in our future professional life.

I am honored to have participated in the first edition. The only recommendation I can make to new participating students is to be flexible, smart, and ready for anything!"

~ Francesca Cecchinelli ~ MEEG 2014/2015    

image-07/20/2015 - 15:52 "The MEEG master has been a comprehensive and interesting immersion in the European Union framework. We explored many topics in great depth, including the origin of the EU, the development of institutions, and the continued evolution of regulations. The faculty is made up of a community of excellent academics, all of whom create a dynamic environment through interesting activities, seminars, meetings, and events, in addition to preplanned lectures.  Through the program, you get to work closely with brilliant national and international professors, all of whom are experts in European economic studies. Moreover, the faculty’s connections allow for multiple avenues to compete for scholarships and internships. Upon concluding my studies, I obtained a 3-month internship in Brussels at FEBAF (Federazione delle Banche, delle Assicurazioni e della Finanza), where I am convinced I will have an interesting professional experience that could serve as a starting point for a career with EU institutions."

~ Serena Pulitani  ~ MEEG 2014/2015       

image-07/20/2015 - 14:04"The Master in European Economic Governance has been a great opportunity for me to gain a deep understanding of European policy and regulation. The faculty members were outstanding and the support provided to students at all stages of the course was excellent. The course is up to international standards, the class size is small, and students are constantly encouraged to take an active role in the lectures. Moreover, at the end of the teaching activity, the School gives students the opportunity to find internships at prestigious economic and financial institutions."

~ Alberto Monteverdi ~ MEEG 2014/2015       

image-07/17/2015 - 15:36"MEEG gives exclusive insights on European Dynamics and opportunities to learn about European Economic Governance. This program is extremely useful for anyone interested in: EU institutions, EU law, the European integration process, and the European economy as a whole. Moreover, the MEEG program at SEP is a must for anyone with ambitions to work with major firms or institutions in the European market". 

~ David Pavoncello ~ MEEG 2014/2015

image-07/15/2015 - 10:24"It has been a fascinating and extraordinary opportunity to attend a graduate program in European Economic Governance, especially in a moment that might be considered the most crucial period in European history. The stimulating university environment, international reputation, and helpful faculty have created a vibrant atmosphere for studying. In the past months, I have tested myself not only on economic, but also on social and political topics. Thanks to MEEG, I have applied and deepened the knowledge acquired during my university career, and leveraged it to obtain an internship at the Ministry of Economy and Finance. These new skills represent what I consider essential for both employment and research, at global institutions and in private companies."

~ Timoteo Carpita ~ MEEG 2014/2015

image-07/14/2015 - 10:27"I recommend the Master in European Economic Governance because it provides a wide range of courses concerning European and Euro-area issues.  Each course allows students to improve presentation skills, and provides an overview of the regulatory framework of the EU and the EMU. Nevertheless, the main benefit of attending such a program is interacting with the faculty, which consists of high-standard professors."

~ Roberto Silvestri ~ MEEG 2014/2015

image-07/17/2015 - 15:56"L'esperienza del Master in European Economic Governance è stata molto significativa per la mia crescita professionale e ha rappresentato un'esperienza formativa di altissimo valore sia per la faculty che per la struttura delle materie affrontate, con cui ho integrato la mia preparazione universitaria economica con competenze tecniche più specifiche nell'ambito della Politica Economica Europea."

~ Francesco Cappuccio ~ MEEG 2014/15


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