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Editorial - Corriere della Sera - M. Ferrera: Serve un nuovo equilibrio tra Nord e Sud Europa

image-04/12/2017 - 13:16April 12, 2017 – Corriere della Sera published an editorial by Maurizio Ferrera, in which he discusses the need for a new “European identity.” Identity is a mix of sentiments and beliefs (composed of historical memory, values, knowledge, and shared interpretations) , and it is built upon collective experiences. The European Union, however, was born on the basis of shared interests, and, as they diverge, the area risks fragmentation. Political equality between member states must be sought, along with a new balance between the (German) culture of stability and the (Greco-Latino) culture of solidarity. While the Treaties state that all members are equal, their respective weights in communal decisions have grown ever more asymmetric, favoring the coalition of northern countries led by Berlin. During the crisis, Europe was transformed into a Union of “fiscal adjustments,” with budgetary discipline driving the narrative instead of the spirit of social and territorial cohesion. A new political and cultural pact between those guiding Europe’s population needs to be formed in order for institutional progress to take place. Without it, the EU’s decline may become irreversible.

- The original article (in Italian) is available from Corriere della Sera.