The Scientific Council

SEP’s Scientific Council is made up of a president, director, and six internationally renowned experts in the School’s major disciplines. Currently, members of SEP’s Scientific Council include:

Stefano Micossi, (President) – Assonime, College d’Europe, CEPS;
Marcello Messori, (Director) – LUISS;
Marcello Clarich – LUISS;
Stefano Manzocchi – LUISS;
Pier Carlo Padoan – Italy's Finance Minister;
Francesco Saraceno – OFCE;
Gianni Toniolo – LUISS, CEPR.

SEP’s Scientific Council is tasked with:

  • Contributing opinions and proposals to define the School’s guidelines and strategic plan;
  • At the Director’s request, deliberating on the School’s strategic plan and annual budget, to be submitted for approval from LUISS’s Executive Committee;
  • At the Director’s request, deliberating on the allocation of teaching contracts, within budget limits;
  • Planning and implementation of the School’s educational and scientific initiatives;
  • Evaluating the implementation of the strategic plan and the annual schedule of academic and educational activities;
  • Proposing changes in the organizational structure of the School and reporting the human resources and material needs for its operation;
  • Proposing initiatives to promote the School and its programs;
  • Coordinating competitions for positions set out in the strategic plan and managing the school's budget allocation with relevant departments;
  • Suggesting new teaching topics and educational projects.