Senior Fellows

There are around forty senior fellows, all of whom are scholars who have made important contributions to the analysis of European economic and institutional issues, and the subsequent development of intervention tools. Many are policy makers who hold, or who have recently held, extremely important roles within the institutions of the EU and EMU. 

Senior fellows most involved in economic policy meet in SEP’s Fellows’ Policy Group.

Senior fellows who belong to SEP Friends have three main tasks: (i) contribute to SEP’s production of analytical and policy pieces regarding European topics; (ii) foster policy discussion for SEP’s think tank activities; (iii) assist the Scientific Council and Director in overseeing activities carried out by the internal research group. 

Leading researchers, including Nobel Prize winners and other internationally-renowned scholars, make up our corps of senior fellows. Over the last few years, this group has produced two reports for LUISS (the LIGEP reports), coordinated by Jean-Paul Fitoussi, the co-chair of the LUISS School of Governmental Studies.

Our Senior Fellows include:

LUISS President: Emma Marcegaglia
LUISS Rector: Paola Severino 
Co-President of the LUISS School of Governmental Studies: Jean Paul Fitoussi

All Members of SEP’s Scientific Council:

  • Stefano Micossi (President)
  • Marcello Messori (Director)
  • Marcello Clarich
  • Stefano Manzocchi
  • Pier Carlo Padoan
  • Francesco Saraceno
  • Gianni Toniolo

And the following researchers:

  • Emilio Barucci
  • Carlo Bastasin
  • Pierpaolo Benigno
  • Guido Berardis
  • Lorenzo Bini Smaghi
  • Peter Bofinger
  • Franco Bruni
  • Marco Buti
  • Elena Carletti
  • Mario Chiti
  • Lorenzo Codogno
  • Carlo Cottarelli
  • Pier Virgilio Dastoli
  • Paul De Grauwe
  • Maurizio Ferrera
  • Dario Focarelli 
  • Alberto Giovannini
  • Enrico Giovannini
  • Daniel Gros
  • Paolo Guerrieri
  • Fiorella Kostoris
  • Brigid Laffan          
  • Alessandro Leipold
  • Philippe Martin
  • Ferdinando Nelli Feroci
  • Giovanna Nicodano
  • Francesco Papadia
  • Roberto Pardolesi
  • Franco Passacantando
  • Michele Pezzinga
  • Jean Pisani-Ferry
  • Lucrezia Reichlin
  • Pietro Reichlin
  • Salvatore Rossi
  • Fabrizio Saccomanni
  • Maria Teresa Salvemini
  • Francesca Sanna Randaccio 
  • Roberto Tamborini
  • Valeria Termini
  • Gian Luigi Tosato
  • Etienne Wasmer
  • Guntram Wolff