B. Rosa & L. Caracciolo: Europe in the Brexit & Trump Era—Dis-Integration and Re-Grouping

image-03/21/2017 - 12:37At the beginning of the last century Europe dominated the world. In other words, the world was European. Nowadays, Europe is dominated by global geopolitical dynamics it can no longer control nor manage. The European Union is not the global player it promised to become. On the contrary, it has embarked upon gradual dis-integration. None of its member states are powerful enough to compete as leading players on the global geopolitical stage. A number of those states are threatened by dis-integration.    

This is a long-term geopolitical process that would be difficult to reverse for many reasons and for one in particular. Europeans do not feel they share the same interests and therefore tend to unload their problems on one another rather than address them together. This Europe is based on power relations far more than on shared rules. Common rules are interpreted on the basis of a balance of power. Europe’s geopolitical dis-integration is the result of pressure coming from external and internal structural factors that are closely interconnected. Europe is not only faced with emergencies; Europe is in a historical cycle at the end of which, who knows when, the continent’s geopolitical map will differ greatly from the current one.

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