Workshop: "Nearshoring and the future of Global Value Chains"

16 June 2022 at 14:30

14:30-14:45 - 

 Welcome of participants


Institutional Greetings

14:50-15:00 - 


Valentina Meliciani, Director Luiss School of European Economy


Measuring Exposure to Risk in Global Value Chains

Alessandro Borin, Banca D’Italia

Michele Mancini, Banca D’Italia

Daria Taglioni, Trade and International Integration,Development Economics, The World Bank


Supply Chain Fragmentation and the Global Trade Elasticity: A New Accounting Framework

Bart Los, University Of Groningen

Marcel P. Timmer, University of Groningen

Robert Stehrer, The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies

Gaaitzen J. de Vries, University of Groningen



Testing the Smile Curve: Functional Specialisation and Value Creation in GVCs

Roman Stöllinger, The Vienna Institute For International Economic Studies


Nearshoring and Farsharing within Global Value Chains

Filippo Bontadini, Luiss School of European Political Economy

Valentina Meliciani, Director Luiss School of European Political Economy

Maria Savona, Luiss Guido Carli

Ariel Wirkierman, Goldsmiths, University Of London


Round Table


Maria Savona, Luiss University, University of Sussex


Luciano Fratocchi, University of L’Aquila

Michael Gasiorek, UK Trade Policy Observatory

Andrea Linarello, Banca D'Italia

Lucia Tajoli, Politecnico di Milano

This Workshop is realized with the support of the Policy planning Unit of the Ministry of Foreign affairs and International Cooperation pursuant art 23-bis of presidential Decree 18/1967

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