Policy Briefs

About SEP Policy Briefs

The global financial crisis in 2007 and 2009, and the ensuing sovereign debt and banking crises in the Euro-zone, have profoundly changed the governance and the institutions of the EU and the EMU. Consequently SEP has set up a new “think-tank” with the intention to originate a unique group of researchers entirely devoted to the new policy issues emerged in the European political economy. Monetary policy, governance and institutions represent core interests of the think-tank. Analyses are provided by in-house researchers, members of the Scientific Council, and the Fellows’ Policy Group including some of the senior fellows

The think tank provides information on the issues that are on the top of the European agenda and it produces policy commentaries and policy briefs

Furthermore, a “Strategic Policy Group” has been created around a number of business leaders, high-level professionals working in EU institutions, and members of the Fellows’ Policy group of SEP. The Strategic Policy Group meets at least twice a year (two regular meetings and additional meetings required by at least five of its members) and discusses the orientation of Italian strategies in the context of the European negotiations.