Is the Master of Science in Finance (MOSFI) tailored for students with a Bachelor’s Degree (Laurea Triennale) or a Master’s Degree (Laurea Magistrale)?

For both. MOSFI is for students who want to take a one-year specializing Program, acquiring advanced knowledge in the field of finance, before starting their professional career in the financial sector.

After completing the Master of Science in Finance, can I continue my studies with the Master’s Degree in Financial Economics?

Yes. After completion of MOSFI, you have the possibility to continue your studies at the two-year master’s degree in Financial Economics. Upon successful completion of MOSFI, maximum 40 ECTS credits from the MOSFI Program will be recognized for the fulfillment of master’s degree Program.

I am mainly interested in pursuing an academic career. Should I enroll in the MOSFI Progam?

MOSFI is a high-quality and demanding Program which will enhance your abilities and skills required to get a job in the private sector

Can I work full-time while attending the Master?

No, MOSFI is a full-time Program.