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Editorial - Il Sole 24 Ore - G. Toniolo: Le teorie economiche che non servono più

image-09/07/2015 - 13:44September 6, 2015Il Sole 24 Ore published an editorial by SEP Senior Fellow Gianni Toniolo, in which he discusses current economic theory and their applicability (or lack thereof) in today’s uncertain environment.  He argues that the weight of developed economies in the global sphere has diminished, and that the interdependence between various areas of the globe means an eventual slowdown of an emerging economy could have important repercussions on developed countries. The challenge nowadays lies in the conversion of many emerging economies toward a structure that allows for robust and continued growth, as well as combatting the decrease in productivity in developed economies. He suggests it might be necessary to find new solutions, ones that go beyond Keynesian and neo-liberal approaches.

- The full article (in Italian) is available from Il Sole 24 Ore.