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Interview - Fatto Quotidiano - L. Codogno: È molto rischioso chiedere flessibilità e usarla per la Tasi

image-09/28/2015 - 14:05September 20, 2015 – Il Fatto Quotidiano published an interview with SEP Senior Fellow Lorenzo Codogno, in which he discusses Italy’s fiscal targets. He points out that the “flexibility” requested by Italy with respect to EU-mandated reforms toes the line of what is possible from a regulatory standpoint, and that using this leeway to abolish the Tasi (Tassa sui Servizi Indivisibili) and reduce spending cuts might not be viewed in a very positive light. Neither measure could be considered the best strategy for spurring economic growth or decreasing public debt.

- The full interview (in Italian) is available from Il Fatto Quotidiano.