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Interview - Radio Rai 1 - S. Manzocchi: Le conseguenze dell’ipotesi attentato sull’incidente dell’airbus russo, schiantatosi nel Sinai

image-11/06/2015 - 12:47November 6, 2015 – RaiRadio1 aired an interview with SEP Scientific Council member Stefano Manzocchi, in which he discusses the economic repercussions of the “bomb plot” hypothesis for the crashing of Russian MetroJet Airbus A321. Below is a rough translation.

Rai: 13% of Egypt’s GDP comes from  tourism. What immediate repercussions will there be from the bomb plot discovery?

S. Manzocchi: The repercussions will be significant, not just for Egypt, but also on other countries depending on winter cycle tourism, such as the Maldives. This is a cause for concern. It can be said that this “3rd World War” (against terrorism) has a great impact on tourism, given that the areas targeted by terrorists tend to be important tourist attractions.

Rai: What about sectors that are not connected to tourism? What are possible concerns for the region in general?

S. Manzocchi: Look, in Egypt right now, there is talk of expanding the Suez Cana. This terrorist attack is likely to be perceived as increased risk by international investors. It comes at an unfortunate time, when Western investors are just beginning to venture back into the area.

- The original interview (in Italian) is available from RadioRai1.