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Editorial - L’Unità - P. Reichlin: Quel filo che arriva dall’89

image-05/16/2016 - 14:15May 15, 2016 – L’Unità published an editorial by SEP Senior Fellow Pietro Reichlin, in which he discusses Italy’s October referendum on constitutional reform.  He points out that Italy’s democracy has come a long way since the fall of the Berlin Wall. But while pluralism and political debate are certainly important, too much of it could create economic roadblocks and discourage investment in the restructuring of the manufacturing sector, education, and research—sectors that bring many long-term benefits but few short-term political gains. In other words, while the current system supports governmental stability, it is not an ideal instrument for change. There are successful democracies and inefficient ones, and what often differentiates them is the delicate balance between executive and legislative powers. Supporters of the “No” vote in the upcoming referendum are asking that Italy return to a political system that fosters weak governments with very few real powers.

- The original article (in Italian) is available from L’Unità