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Interview - Rai 1 - P. Canofari: Il nodo della crescita

image-06/08/2016 - 12:19June 8, 2016 – Rai 1 aired an interview with SEP Researcher Paolo Canofari, in which he discusses ISTAT data on economic growth.  In the first trimester, ISTAT shows Italy’s GDP growing by 0.3%. This, Dr. Canofari points out, is lower than the Euro area average, which grew by 0.5%. Larger EU countries such as France, Spain, and Germany grew between 0.6-0.8%. Placed in the context of the rest of the area, Italy’s performance seems less than ideal, and moderate growth is predicted for the future. Bank of Italy’s report also predicted subdued growth for the remainder of the year, as well as for 2017 and 2018. This trend has a great deal to do with a global slowdown, above all in emerging economies. There is also a degree of uncertainty stemming from the risk of Brexit. While household income, and therefore internal demand, seems on the rise, this positive effect is negated by the downturn in external demand.

- The original interview (in Italian) is available from Rai 1