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Bruegel Blueprint – M. Messori: European Banking Supervision - The First Eighteen Months

image-06/09/2016 - 11:24June 9, 2016 – As part of its Blueprint series, Bruegel recently published a report on European Banking Supervision. Edited by Dirk Schoenmaker and Nicolas Veron, it includes a chapter on Italy written by SEP Director Marcello Messori, along with contributions from eight other country experts. The paper provides an in-depth study of how European Banking Supervision (also known as the Single Supervisory Mechanism) works in practice, a year and a half after its start in November 2014. The report also includes a euro-area-level overview, with a general assessment along with pertinent data. The country chapters provide anecdotal information and illustrate the wide diversity of experiences and perceptions in different member states. While, overall, the report finds the mechanism to be broadly effective, tough, and fair, it also identifies mistakes, areas for improvement, and unfinished business that will eventually need to be addressed to fulfil the promise of banking union.

- The complete report is available from Bruegel