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The EU and Covid vaccines: the jury is still out - Riccardo Perissich - Aspenia online

The indictment is severe: the EU is accused of gross mismanagement and of having badly failed its attempt to centralize the delivery of vaccines against Covid. Or has it? This reporter has the privilege of watching the trial in real time and shall try to report on it.

If convicted, “the bloc” as the Anglo-Saxon press likes to call it, risks a sentence that can go from a severe loss of face, to being banned from ever again meddling with health matters. We must note that in this trial the very identity of the defendant is not absolutely clear. The term EU stands for a complex organisation that includes 27 member states who wield most of the power and are responsible for nearly all decisions, plus some central institutions.

However, for reasons that we shall briefly mention later, the defendant cage is occupied by one entity only. In the media it goes under the name of “Brussels”, but we shall designate it with its appropriate official name: the Commission.

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