Stefano Micossi's Hearing at the Chamber of Deputies and Senate on the “Survey on the Conference on the Future of Europe"

​SEP President and Assonime Director General Stefano Micossi spoke at the Hearing of the 3rd and 14th Joint Committees of the Senate of the Republic and III and XIV of the Chamber of Deputies on the fact-finding Survey on the Conference on the Future of Europe.

During the speech, it emerged that the idea that the future of Europe could arise from a popular consultation on an endless list of topics is producing a wish list rather than a useful selection of priorities. Rather, it would be advisable to rely on a more solid selection criterion, focusing primarily on areas in which the European Union already has adequate competence. Furthermore, internal and external developments necessitate action at European level: first of all, in the common foreign and security policy, which includes military policy; in immigration policy and the protection of common borders; in common economic policies. There is also the issue of democracy and legitimacy of common decisions which figures prominently among the issues raised by public opinion and which deserves some response at the institutional level. 

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