Publications & Research

Our publications aim to provide in-depth information on issues that are at the forefront of the European agenda, including commentary, research, and policy recommendations. Analysis is provided by in-house researchers, members of the Scientific Council, and the Policy Group, with additional contributions from the rest of our Senior Fellows. Supplementing these scholars is a Strategic Policy Group, which includes business leaders and high-level officials in EU institutions. They work alongside members of the Policy Group to provide a better understanding of the direction of current Italian strategies in the context of European negotiations. The Strategic Policy Group convenes at least twice a year (two regular meetings and additional ones as requested by our director).

SEP produces policy briefs, working papers, five bullets and a monthly newsletter. All publications are available online.

Policy Briefs

The School of European Political Economy’s research efforts form a cornerstone in our mission to discuss, analyze, and shape core issues in European economic policy. Prepared by scholars, faculty, and other academics in our network, these policy briefs and commentaries cover a wide range of topics pertaining to Europe. Completed papers are published on our website and disseminated to our contacts.

The global financial crisis in 2007 and 2009, and the ensuing sovereign debt and banking crises in the eurozone, have profoundly changed the governance and institutions of the EU and EMU. SEP’s think tank was created with the intention of gathering a unique group of researchers who are devoted to understanding the policy issues that have emerged in the new European political economy. Monetary policy, governance, and institutions represent the core interests of our research.

C. Bastasin: The German lessons about the “reddito di cittadinanzà”

The German government has put forward a proposal to introduce Bürgergeld, or basic income, in the country, a proposal t...

November, 18 2022

C. Bastasin: Il rapporto UE-Cina e le conseguenze sulla governance europea

Il tema dei rapporti occidentali con la Cina è diventato centrale nel corso del mese di ottobre, quando Stati Uniti e C...

October, 31 2022

M. Messori: Monetary policy and central fiscal capacity in the euro area

The new inflationary peaks reached in the Euro Area (EA) last summer have led the European Central Bank (ECB) to strengt...

October, 21 2022

C. Bastasin: What the European Commission says to Budapest should be heard in Rome too

Under the pressure of the European Parliament, on September 18 the European Commission finally proposed the application ...

September, 28 2022

I. Angeloni, C. Bastasin, L. Bini Smaghi, V. Meliciani, S. Micossi, P. C. Padoan, P. Parascandolo: La crisi del gas rafforza l’esigenza di politiche economiche in linea con le raccomandazioni europee

Dopo la ragguardevole crescita del Prodotto interno lordo ottenuta grazie anche all’azione di politica economica del g...

August, 29 2022

L. Bini Smaghi: Scudo anti-spread e politica monetaria

Che differenza c’è tra lo scudo anti-spread varato dieci anni fa, dopo il famoso “Whatever it takes” pronunciato ...

August, 2 2022

C. Bastasin: Draghi’s resignation and a new – more clever – Fiscal Compact

Italy’s political instability resurfaced on July 14 when Prime Minister Mario Draghi presented his resignation to the ...

July, 18 2022

C. De Vincenti – Green Investments: Two Possible Interpretations of the “Do No Significant Harm” Principle

The concrete implementation of the Next Generation EU strategy and the recent emergence of energy security problem have ...

July, 11 2022

C. Bastasin: Europe cannot be strong if fragmentation risks linger in the euro area

Officially, the fragmentation risks of the euro area – or the extreme divergence of financial conditions in member sta...

June, 15 2022

Working Papers

Working papers are the culmination of research carried out by the internal group at SEP (members of the Scientific Council and our in-house researchers) and by fellows involved in our activities. They represent an important contribution to the international debate on major theoretical and practical economic policy issues facing the EU and EMU.

F. Bontadini, V. Meliciani, M. Savona, A. Wirkierman – Nearshoring and Farsharing in Europe: implications for employment

This paper documents recent trends in the geographical distribution of value added across Global Value Chains (GVCs) and...

September, 27 2022

P. Canofari, G. Di Bartolomeo, M. Messori: Dancing on the edge of stagflation

The European Central Bank (ECB) is facing a dangerous trade-off between the control of supply-led inflation and the need...

September, 20 2022

L. Ferrari, V. Meliciani – Public Spending for Future Generations: Recent Trends in EU Countries

Public investment, traditionally measured using the so-called gross fixed capital formation (hereinafter, GFCF) of the p...

June, 28 2022

P. Benigno, P. Canofari, G. Di Bartolomeo, M. Messori: Stagflation and fragmentation – the euro area at the crossroads

The euro area may be about to experience something new: fragmentations in its financial markets in a situation character...

June, 8 2022

A. Macchiati, R. Vitelli: Mercati del gas e transizione energetica

L’aumento dei prezzi del gas e, conseguentemente dell’energia elettrica, registrato inizialmente nell’ultimo trime...

April, 4 2022

J. Bonchi, S. Nisticò: Heterogeneity, Bubbles and Monetary Policy

Using a tractable New Keynesian model with heterogeneous agents, we analyze the interplay between heterogeneity and rati...

February, 8 2022

M. Amato, F. Saraceno: Squaring the circle – How to guarantee fiscal space and debt sustainability with a European Debt Agency

This paper contributes to the debate on European macroeconomic governance. What is at stake is creating fiscal space for...

January, 19 2022

P. Benigno, P. Canofari, G. Di Bartolomeo, M. Messori: The Implementation and Rationale of the ECB’s New Inflation Target

In July 2021, the ECB’s target was revised, specifying that the 2% inflation rate threshold should be applied symm...

November, 8 2021

F. Bontadini, R. Evangelista, V. Meliciani, M. Savona – Asymmetries in global value chain integration, technology and employment structures in Europe: Country and sectoral evidence

This paper provides empirical evidence on the complex role played by technology in affecting the relationship between th...

November, 8 2021

Five Bullets

C. Bastasin: Too much complacency in Europe for the US mid-term vote

1) The mid-term elections in the US were met with relief in Europe. Europeans see, in view of the 2024 presidential elec...

November, 16 2022

F. Bontadini, V. Meliciani, M. Savona, A. Wirkeirman: Nearshoring and Farsharing in Europe within the Global Economy

• The term “nearshoring” has gained significant interest in recent years, though a clear definition is still lacki...

September, 27 2022

C. Bastasin: Italy’s political uncertainty in 2023

In less than a year, the elections for the renewal of Italy’s Chambers will take place. Uncertainty is growing about t...

June, 1 2022

C. Bastasin: The reasons behind Scholz’s strong performance

• The strong performance by the Social Democratic Party (SPD) is related to the electorate’s change of heart coincid...

September, 28 2021

C. Bastasin: Can conditionality and dialogue really walk hand in hand?

After the Coronavirus hit the European population and sent the economy into hibernation, EU institutions reacted –...

July, 27 2020

M. Messori: Loans or “gifts”? What the Italian economy needs from Europe

According to the recent Economic and Financial Document (DEF) drafted by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), in 2...

April, 28 2020

C. Bastasin: The rationale behind the Italian-German rift

• Acrimony among European states is harsher today than during the euro-crisis a decade ago, jeopardizing the integrity...

March, 31 2020

C. Bastasin: The EU budget’s bad start concerns the euro area as well

• February’s special Council meeting on the 2021-2027 EU budget ended without an agreement. When EU leaders left...

February, 28 2020

C. Bastasin: A Unique Opportunity for New Ideas on EU Fiscal Rules

• On February 5, the European Commission presented the outlines of its review of the euro-area’s fiscal rules. A sim...

February, 7 2020

Europe: Facts & Docs

This section contains policy documents, meeting summaries and news that come directly from the EU institutions.

Speech by Christine Lagarde, President of the ECB, at the Hearing of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament – November 28

Read the transcript...

November, 29 2022

European Commission – Building an economic governance framework fit for the challenges ahead, November 9

Read the press release...

November, 21 2022

Monetary policy in a new environment – Speech by Christine Lagarde, President of the ECB, at the European Banking Congress, November 18

Read the transcript...

November, 21 2022

Statement by Commission President von der Leyen at the G20 Summit session on food and energy security, November 15

Read the transcript...

November, 16 2022

ECB Financial Stability Review, November 2022

The Financial Stability Review provides an overview of potential risks to financial stability in the euro area. It aims ...

November, 16 2022

COP27: EU calls on all Parties to take concrete steps to limit global warming to 1.5°C and respect the Paris Agreement – November 4

Read the press release...

November, 9 2022

Monetary policy in a high inflation environment: commitment and clarity – Lecture by Christine Lagarde, President of the ECB, organised by Eesti Pank and dedicated to Professor Ragnar Nurkse – November 4

Read the transcript...

November, 7 2022

Opening remarks by European Commission Executive Vice-President Dombrovskis at the press conference of the informal Foreign Affairs Council on Trade – October 31

Read the transcript...

October, 31 2022

ECB Press Conference – October 27

President Christine Lagarde and Vice-President Luis de Guindos explained the Governing Council’s latest monetary polic...

October, 31 2022


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