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Our publications aim to provide in-depth information on issues that are at the forefront of the European agenda, including commentary, research, and policy recommendations. Analysis is provided by in-house researchers, members of the Scientific Council, and the Policy Group, with additional contributions from the rest of our Senior Fellows. Supplementing these scholars is a Strategic Policy Group, which includes business leaders and high-level officials in EU institutions. They work alongside members of the Policy Group to provide a better understanding of the direction of current Italian strategies in the context of European negotiations. The Strategic Policy Group convenes at least twice a year (two regular meetings and additional ones as requested by our director).

SEP produces policy briefs, working papers, five bullets and a monthly newsletter. All publications are available online.

Policy Briefs

The School of European Political Economy’s research efforts form a cornerstone in our mission to discuss, analyze, and shape core issues in European economic policy. Prepared by scholars, faculty, and other academics in our network, these policy briefs and commentaries cover a wide range of topics pertaining to Europe. Completed papers are published on our website and disseminated to our contacts.

The global financial crisis in 2007 and 2009, and the ensuing sovereign debt and banking crises in the eurozone, have profoundly changed the governance and institutions of the EU and EMU. SEP’s think tank was created with the intention of gathering a unique group of researchers who are devoted to understanding the policy issues that have emerged in the new European political economy. Monetary policy, governance, and institutions represent the core interests of our research.

S. Micossi – Reform of the Stability Pact: First principles

 A crowded seminar held by the Astrid Foundation has launched in Italy the discussion on the future of the European...

January, 27 2022

M. Buti, G. Papaconstantinou – European Public Goods: How can we supply more?

The discussion on the supply and finance of public goods at European level is part and parcel of the broader discussion ...

January, 26 2022

D. Gros: A (E)U-turn from Nord Stream 2 towards a European Strategic Gas Reserve

The EU does not have an army. It thus cannot defend Ukraine from a Russian invasion, but it can at least put itself in a...

January, 26 2022

A. Boitani, R. Tamborini: Reforming the European fiscal governance. Beyond new rules

As of March 2020, at the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the fiscal rules of the European Economic and Monetary Union...

January, 25 2022

C. Bastasin: Why a pro-European President of the Italian Republic is vital for the country’s economy

The role of Italy’s President, differently from the premiership, does not wield executive powers. Nevertheless, its fu...

January, 25 2022

C. Bastasin, L. Bini Smaghi, V. Meliciani, M. Messori, S. Micossi, P. C. Padoan, G. Toniolo – Legge di Bilancio: troppa spesa corrente se l’inflazione spinge i tassi d’interesse

Questo policy brief analizza criticamente lo stato attuale della politica di bilancio italiana e le prospettive di infla...

December, 29 2021

C. Bastasin – The lack of political integration in European governance: The case in the conflict between security in Europe and democracy in Poland

Strengthening political integration is tacitly coming of age in Europe after the pandemic crisis led the European Union ...

November, 30 2021

S. Micossi – On the selling of sovereigns held by the ESCB to the ESM: A revised proposal

This paper presents an in-depth review of the proposal by Micossi (2020) and Avgouleas and Micossi (2021) to transfer a ...

November, 15 2021

G. L. Tosato: Legal considerations on the Avgouleas-Micossi proposal

Recently, Micossi (2020) and Avgouleas and Micossi (2021) proposed to transfer the sovereign bonds purchased by the ESCB...

September, 8 2021

Working Papers

Working papers are the culmination of research carried out by the internal group at SEP (members of the Scientific Council and our in-house researchers) and by fellows involved in our activities. They represent an important contribution to the international debate on major theoretical and practical economic policy issues facing the EU and EMU.

C.De Vincenti, P. Bonaretti: Mercato dei farmaci e governance regolatoria

L’attuale assetto di regolazione del mercato farmaceutico nel nostro Paese è segnato da due elementi costitutivi del...

May, 12 2021

C. Oldani, B. Giannini – Sustainability of public debt in Europe: the use of swaps

This study contributes to the literature on public debt sustainability and investigates whether European countries manag...

April, 28 2021

S. De Nardis, F. Parente: Technology, Task and wage-bill changes in the EU countries

Drawing on the methodological framework from Acemoglu and Restrepo (2019), this paper investigates the influence of tech...

March, 24 2021

R. Jakubeit: The Wirecard scandal and the role of BaFin

The objective of this paper is to derive policy lessons for capital markets supervision in the EU from the 2020 scandal ...

March, 22 2021

P. Benigno, P. Canofari, G. Di Bartolomeo, M. Messori: The ECB’s Measures in Support of the COVID-19 Crisis

This paper illustrates and discusses the monetary policies activated in response to the COVID-19 crisis. We argue that t...

March, 4 2021

D. Di Cagno, A. Fabrizi, M. Marini, V. Meliciani: Knowledge networks in joint research projects, innovation and economic growth across European regions

This paper investigates the role played by the position of European regions in research networks on their rate of innova...

January, 31 2021

A. Franconi – Opening the Black Box of Austerity: Evidence from Fiscal Consolidation Plans

This paper explores the effects of austerity measures on labour markets and on income inequality and finds evidence of a...

January, 20 2021

C. Battiati, C. Jona-Lasinio, E. Marvasi, S. Sopranzetti – Market power and productivity trends in the European economies: A macroeconomic perspective

Recent empirical investigations have documented an upward trend in profit rates, markups, and concentration over the las...

January, 18 2021

J. Bonchi, F. S. Lucidi – Asset Price Bubbles with Low Interest Rates: Not All Bubbles are Likely to Emerge

Leveraged asset price bubbles, i.e., boom-bust phases in asset prices accompanied by credit overhangs, are more harmful ...

December, 5 2020

Europe: Facts & Docs

This section contains policy documents, meeting summaries and news that come directly from the EU institutions.

EUROPEAN COMMISSION: Statement by President von der Leyen on energy – September 7, 2022

Click here to read the statement...

September, 8 2022

EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK – Press Conference July 21, 2022 (14:45)

Click here for more information...

July, 21 2022

EUROPEAN COMMISSION – Summer 2022 Economic Forecast: Russia’s war worsens the outlook – July 14, 2022

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine continues to negatively affect the EU economy, setting it on a path of ...

July, 18 2022

EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK – Account of the June monetary policy meeting – July 7, 2022

The Governing Council agreed that the revised medium-term inflation outlook called for further, decisive steps in the no...

July, 8 2022

European Council conclusions on Ukraine, the membership applications of Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia, Western Balkans and external relations – June 23, 2022

Click here to read the press release...

June, 24 2022

Hearing of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament – June 20, 2022

Click here to read President Lagarde’s speech...

June, 20 2022

Commission sets out first analysis of the proposals stemming from the Conference on the Future of Europe – June 17, 2022

The European Commission has adopted a Communication setting out how it can follow up on the outcome of the Conference on...

June, 20 2022

Statement of the ECB Governing Council – June 15, 2022

On 15 June the Governing Council met to exchange views on the current market situation. Since the gradual process of pol...

June, 17 2022

ECB Press conference – June 9, 2022

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June, 14 2022


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