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In the European context, applied micro and macro-economics cannot singularly focus on a given national economic system. Researchers and senior fellows working at SEP form the core of the first Italian research center devoted exclusively to analyzing European problems. The full-time Researchers, the members of the Scientific Committee and the Senior Fellows are also supported by a large number of scholars grouped as ‘Friends of SEP,’ external experts associated with the School. 

The list of the publications, authored by various contributors to SEP's research activity, gives a sense of the European problems analyzed in the recent past by each researcher. SEP’s working papers show the new results achievedby the School on the same set of problems. 

Research activity at SEP focuses on the following fields of analysis:

  1. We research how institutional progress in the EU evolves and how it addresses the main economic problems of the area.
  2. We study the causes behind the divergence in productivity levels that are creating severe competitive imbalances in the Euro-area member states.
  3. We study both theoretical and practical innovations in monetary policy. From that perspective, we compare the Euro area with other monetary areas.
  4. We analyze the degree of integration or segmentation of the European financial markets; the different characters of national economic systems from the visual angle of the relationship between finance and the real economy; and finally we research the nature and impact of the banking union process.