Academic Program

The course will cover the following topics. 

International trade: theory and evidenceThe facts of globalization

  • The gains from economic openness
  • The redistributive consequences of globalization

Multinational corporations and global value chains (GVCs):Foreign direct investments

  • Offshoring, re-shoring and near-shoring
  • International fragmentation of production
  • Covid 19: back-shoring vs near-shoring?

Trade policy and trade agreementsThe instruments of trade policy (tariff and non-tariff measures)

  • The political economy of trade policy: international trade agreements
  • Bilateralism Vs. multilateralism
  • Covid 19 and trade relations

Key Facts


Bachelor’s degree

Starting date:

5 July 2021

Ending date:

9 July 2021


Weekdays: from Monday to Friday


Luiss Guido Carli, Rome - Italy

Deadline for enrolment:

15 May 2021

Tuition fee:

1.200 € including accomodation;

 1.000 € excluding accommodation

*There is an early bird discount for those who apply by May 15, 2021 as follow

  • 1100 € including accommodation.
  • 900 € excluding accommodation.